Welcome to Gestion ELM Bishop Inc.

Gestion ELM Bishop Inc. is a subsidiary of ELM Developments Inc.  ELM Developments brings to Gestion ELM Bishop the benefit of over 30 years of experience as leaders in the development, construction, and project management of some of the largest residential and commercial projects & real estate portfolios across Canada.

Elm Developments has been involved in every facet from creating sought-after residential communities to busy commercial plazas and business parks nation-wide. The company is known for creating vibrant master-planned, mixed-use communities.

Behind every one of Elm's successes is a highly experience group of hand-picked professionals with expertise in planning, engineering, construction and project management. This exceptional team is uniquely skilled at recognizing potential and developing every project Elm undertakes to its fullest degree.

Gestion ELM Bishop is a result of this high level of expertise and proudly presents this unique selection of residential rental buildings, across Montreal and surrounding area where each suite is tastefully appointed with modern finishes and all appliances for the contemporary urban lifestyle. Taking pride in revitalizing neighborhoods in a way to ensure long-term resident satisfaction is at the core of our values.

Each of our rental projects is in a desirable location and is designed to combine luxury, comfort and style. Just move in and enjoy your new home!


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